United Mechanical, Inc.


Jon Gunderson, President
2185 Oakland Road
San Jose, CA 95131

408-232-9000 office
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In the Commercial HVAC and Plumbing industries, clients expect quality products delivered on time and within budget.  United Mechanical offers a full spectrum of options to fit any HVAC and plumbing requirement and delivers solutions that are energy efficient and environmentally friendly. 

In addition, our knowledgeable and professional HVAC service department keeps your buildings performing smoothly.    As one of the larger HVAC and Plumbing Design / Build contractors in the Bay Area, United Mechanical’s business ethics, quality and customer service are second to none. 

United Mechanical serves all of Northern California with emphasis in both San Francisco and the Silicon Valley.

  • Apple Mathilda - DB core & shell project w/10 Trane Intellipak units. Rooftop w/custom Trane unit pass-thru allowed units to serve 1 common shaft.
  • Santa Clara Square - 735k  sq. ft. plan spec. Tenant improvements provided DB format & 65k sqf. for labs & R&D.
  • Juniper Networks - Class A office R&D buildings. DB project inclu. built up penthouse mechanical rooms & air side economized labs
  • Apple Results Way - (12) bldgs, (6) separate high-density server rooms w/ hot isle containment, (2) separate fully functional cafés and a fitness center.
  • Intuitive Surgical - Class A office R&D building.  DB project inclu. HVAC & plumbing.  R&D sterile operating facility. High efficiency rooftop air cond. units & process medical gas systems.
  • CoreSite Data Center - Phase I & II utilized variable flow technology.  Custom chilled water air handling units, semi-custom rooftop packaged units w/ direct evaporative pre-coolers.
  • Symantec - 143,000 sft. fast-tract, design build. 2 buildings. Office R&D. TI with replacement of all infrastructural roof equipment. Buildings were occupied during construction.
  • Samsung - (2) ground up 6 story bldgs. 385k sqf. class A office & (2) 5 story parking garages. DB project inclu. 550 ton chilled water system w/ custom air handlers.
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