2012 DBIA WPR Award Winner: UCSD - East Campus Office Building, C.W. Driver and Gensler

About Us

2017 Executive Council


DBIA-WPR President                                                          DBIA-WPR Secretary

Dave Eichten, Pankow                                                        Tracy Lyon, Coffman Enginners

deichten@pankow.com                                                       lyon@coffman.com



DBIA-WPR Senior Vice President                                        DBIA-WPR Treasurer  

Diane Anglin, Clark Construction                                        Chris Taylor, Southland Industries 

diane.anglin@clarkconstruction.com                                   ctaylor@southlandind.com



DBIA-WPR Vice President                                                  DBIA-WPR President Emeriti

Michael Moore, City of Anaheim                                         Ron Migliori, Buehler and Buehler

mrmoore@anaheim.net                                                     rmiglo@bbse.com 



DBIA-WPR Owner's Council Director

Mike Meredith, State of California




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