3QC - Richards Boulevard State Office Complex.  3QC is providing Enhanced Commissioning, Monitoring Based Commissioning, and LEED Administration Services for the high-profile 1,343,800 SF DGS Richards Boulevard Office Complex.



Contact 1:

James Becker

950 Glenn Drive, Suite 200
CA 95630

Phone: (916) 496 8400

Contact 2:
Jim Ogden

155 N. Lake Ave, 8th Floor
CA 91101

Phone: (949) 681 7084

3QC.  Established in 2003, 3QC is a team of building commissioning and sustainability experts specializing in vertical construction of large and complex projects that require a high level of management and technical expertise. 3QC has commissioned over 64 million square feet of facilities worth over $28 billion in construction. Our primary goal is to provide a quality-focused approach to Whole Building Commissioning that helps owners achieve high-performing, energy efficient and secure facilities.

Our commissioning approach focuses on building trust, defining clear expectations and project goals, and helping the team succeed together. We’ve developed a Commissioning Best Practices based upon the ASHRAE standards and the BCxA and ACG processes to provide our clients with a technical, systematic process that incorporates the objectives of LEAN Principles and the Design-Build delivery method.

We understand how commissioning is tied to the Design-Build process and work to add value to the project team, helping each team member succeed milestone by milestone. Our ultimate goal is verification of a complete and functional project that meets the owner ’s requirements and functions as designed. Our expertise is how we insert quality measurement tools and processes to help the other team members succeed in an efficient manner.

3QC’s commissioning history includes a diverse array of complex and critical facilities. Our team is proud to have successfully completed over 500 projects in a vast array of markets, including municipal, government, healthcare, education, corrections, entertainment and sports, commercial and infrastructure sectors.

3QC’s passion for excellence and quality in design, construction, and operations drives us to the top of a competitive commissioning market. Our team’s reputation and decades of experience keep us there.

More information about 3QC is available at https://3qcinc.com/ or by following us on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/3qc-inc/.

  • UCDHS – Tschannen Eye Institute
  • LASED – SoFi Stadiuem
  • DGS – Jesse Unruh Renovation
  • DGS – Gregory Bateson Renovation
  • Long Beach Airport – Terminal II Improvements
  • San Diego County – Pine Valley Fire Station 44
  • UC Davis – Shasta Hall Student Housing Emerson Hall Replacement
  • DGS – UC Hastings Cotchett Law Center
  • San Diego County – Alpine Branch Library
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