2012 DBIA WPR Award Winner: Miramar College Police Substation and Parking Structure, McCarthy, San Diego CCD, Harley Ellis Devereaux / Int. Parking Design


Designated Design-Build Professional™ Certification Program

Why Earn the Credential?

Everybody knows that MD following an individual’s name means “Medical Doctor.” And that CPA signifies “Certified Public Accountant.” Organizations and professions use certification to recognize qualified and competent individuals. The Designated Design-Build Professional™ program is intended to create an accepted and recognized education standard for experience, professional and knowledgeable practitioners who posses a qualified and quantified level of expertise in design-build project delivery. The Certification process is one of the single most important steps in career development. Find out more by clicking here or contact Valexia Hall at vhall@dbia.org or (202) 454-7512.

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