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Selecting Owner Advisor (Virtual)

Date: June 24, 2024

Time: 7:00am - 3:00pm

Location: Virtual

Description: DBIA National - Selecting Owner Advisor 

The role of an Owner Advisor has developed over the years as the increasing complexities of contractual obligations have led Owners to seek more advice to be more informed and knowledgeable about the procurement, design, and construction processes. In this course you’ll uncover the broad scope of services from pre-award to post-award responsibilities that an Owner Advisor can play, as well as important the important role of the Owner in ensuring that the advisor is a true extension of the design-build team.

This course is a must for Owners, as well as for those providing Owner Advisor services.


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Format: Virtual

The DBIA Virtual Training classroom is not an “online” experience, but instead a true “virtual” experience. It allows remote attendees a real-time participant experience, fully engaged with their instructor and others in the classroom. Full engagement is critical As such, the following is required for those joining the classroom virtually:

  • You MUST have video/camera capability on the computer you will be using;
  • You MUST keep your video/camera on during the entirety of the training (you may turn it off during breaks and lunch). Each participant is expected to be visible as a class participant throughout the training, just as it would be if you were physically in the classroom;
  • Please find a quiet location that will have minimal distractions/disturbances;
  • Please Mute your microphone when you are not speaking; and
  • Remain in the virtual classroom during class activities as they, too, will take place virtually and you are expected to participate.

DBIA instructors and staff will actively monitor your attendance and reserve to right to decline issuance of a certificate of completion should virtual attendees not actively participate based on the rules above.

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