Helix Electric University of California, Irvine - Mesa Court Student Housing Expansion.


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Helix Electric is an award-winning full service electrical contractor and an industry leader specializing in design-build and highly complex electrical projects throughout the United States. Our services encompass all facets of construction including mission critical, data center, medium voltage power distribution, renewable energy, commercial, industrial, mass transit and rail, and high-density residential. We have a strong reputation, an extensive network of customer relationships, and consistently provide cutting-edge product innovations.

The company was founded in 1985 and has since delivered significant, high-profile projects in virtually every market segment, making it one of the largest, most experienced and successful electrical contracting companies in the nation. Our vision and dedication to a team-oriented and employee-empowered business approach defines our unique character. The Helix team consists of notably skilled experts in every aspect of electrical design and construction and is guided by the founding principles of the company: integrity, quality, safety, collaboration and a commitment to ultimate client satisfaction through competitive performance, consistency and dedication.

  • Installation of a 5500LF perimeter lethal electrified fence at Mule Creek Infill Complex prison.
  • Design Build of the 10-story, 600,000 square-foot court building located in downtown Los Angeles.
  • The 1,216-bed facility serves as the point of intake for women inmates in San Diego County.
  • The 5-story court building houses 31 courtrooms, as well as administration offices and retail space.
  • This 1.1M square-foot prison healthcare facility is used to house and treat 1,722 inmate-patients.
  • A 3-story data center and administration facility built to serve the California energy commission.
  • Renovation of the SFSU campus library and the addition of an automated library retrieval system.
  • The expansion of Terminal 2 at San Diego International Airport.
  • The design-build construction project features a campus-style layout with multiple housing units.
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